Remote Control Systems

As an integral part of BESI´s flow management systems, Control Systems for Remote Controlled Valves (RCV), Tank Level Gauging (TLV) and Anti Heeling System (AHS) are offered.

Control Stations

BESI designs and produces centralized and decentralized control stations for hydraulic, pneumatic, electric and electro-hydraulic systems. These control stations are designed according to the rules and requirements of all major classification societies and contain all necessary components, such as power packs, for safe operation of the system. All digital and analogue incoming and outgoing signals from the field components - like limit switches of the valves, tank level sensors, floating switches, or even local operator panels - are transmitted to I/O units, mounted in the centralized or decentrelized control cabinet(s). All I/O units are controller-based and have an Ethernet interface which provides the maximum number of communication channels and protocols. This keeps the system flexible in all the channels while opening the gate for decentralized designs.

Operator Stations

Specially designed computer-based operator stations operate and monitor the RCV, TLG and AHS systems. For the Engine Control Room (ECR), a class-approved fanless operating Touch Panel IPC (with no keyboard or mouse unit necessary) is available. This panel features flush-mounting on the control cabinet door. Other Operator Stations - for example in the Decks Office - operate with a speciallydesigned desktop computer complete with TFT colour monitor, mouse and keyboard. Each operator station is able to operate in a "stand-alone" mode. A software interlock with password levels is integrated to deny unauthorized access.

The operator / user panels (HMI) are based on a clearly arranged graphical overview. All functions are simple and menu-assisted, which provide maximum convenience to secure and save operations (see below some samples of screenshots).

Open System

Designed as an open system - products from other manufacturers such as loading computers - can easily be connected to the BESI system via Ethernet switch.

If a communication partner cannot provide an Ethernet connection, or if the port is already in use, a serial RS485 interface is available.

Typical designs and functions of panel menus are:

Mimic diagram
  • Ballast system
  • Bilge system
  • Fuel oil system
  • Anti heeling system
  • Water ingress System
  • Remote control
RC-Valves open/close operation
  • Ballast pumps on/off operations
  • Anti Heeling System
  • Remote control Start / Stop Ballast Pump 1&2
  • Remote control Start / Stop HFO Pump 1&2
  • RC-Valves position open/close
  • Ballast Pumps running
  • HFO Pumps running
  • Tank level indications Ballast Water, HFO, MDO, F-Water
  • Draft, from sensors
  • Bilge alarms
  • HFO tank alarms 85% and 95%
  • MDO tank alarm 85% and 95%
  • Heeling angle
  • Water Ingress System
ISO 9001 certified

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