Linear Pneumatic Actuators (Type PKV)

As a highlight of the product range, BESI produces pneumatic linear actuators of type PKV in single acting version. These reliable, robust and enduring actuators are typically installed on seat valves but may also mounted on valve chest.


BESI PKV actuators are normally supplied with a specified valve as one unit and may be installed in any dry location or on deck. In standard version, the actuator needs 10 bar air pressure supplied from one pipe. The spring return function enables the actuator to move the valve into a defined safe position without air supply.

Valve Position Indication

Upon request, PKV actuators are equipped with a local position indication through limit switch. A visual position indication may be realized. Remote position indication can be visualized and processed in decentralised and compact units or integrated into BESI RCV remote control and automation system.

Emergency operation

In case of air pressure failure, PKV actuators may be operated by a portable pneumatic compressor (PEC).


  • Electric limit switch with protection class IP67
  • Valves of different sizes and materials are available
  • Adaptation to customer valves possible
  • Surface protection is in standard BESI blue, but at customers´ choise my be changed to other colours and paints.
ISO 9001 certified

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