Hydraulic Linear Actuator (Type HKV)

BESI Marine Systems GmbH produces single acting spring-closing hydraulic linear actuators - Type HKV - which can be fitted to several types of valves (such as globe stop valves, non-return valves, and valve chests).


The hydraulic oil pressure (approx. 75 - 150 bar) moves the valve in the desired position (either open or closed) while the disc springs move the valve in the opposite position even against medium pressure.


HKV-type single acting hydraulic linear actuators combine the advantages of a sleek design with the economic performance of a linear hydraulic actuator that assures reliability in virtually any surrounding.

Emergency operation

The standard design comprises a second piston for emergency operation by a portable handpump. There is also possibility for mechanical operation using a hexagon screw for opening the valve manually. This is available on request.

Additional equipment

The actuator may be complemented either with a mechanical position indicator (for dry mounted valves) or with electric limit switches for open-close position indication. The HKV actuator is available together with a corresponding valve - whether as a non-return valve, a stop-valve with fixed cone, or stop/ check valve with loose cone.


  • Electric limit switch - with protection class IP65 or IP68
  • Potentiometer position indication
  • Assembly with directly mounted electro hydraulic power pack EHPP
  • Visual position indicator
  • Special coating
ISO 9001 certified

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