Electric Quarter Turn Actuators (Type EST)

As part of the product range, BESI Marine Systems GmbH delivers electric quarter turn actuators of type EST. These are reliable, robust and compact actuators that may be used in all dry sections of the ship with a torque range up to 3000 NM. The type EST actuators combine the advantages simple installation,safe and reliable operation and easy control and maintenance.


BESI EST actuators may be installed in any dry location. The actuator only needs one electric supply cable – which in standard application, is also used for signal transmission. Upon request,the actuators are delivered ready assembled to a valve.

Position response

The EST actuators are equipped with limit switches and a visual local position indicator.For remote indication are potential contacts installed. The remote position indication can be visualized and processed in decentralised and compact units or integrated into BESI RCVremote control and automation system.

Emergency Operation

Every EST actuator is delivered with a built in declutchable gear and hand wheel for local or emergency operation.


  • At customers choice, the BESI EST quarter turn actuator may be delivered with 230V or 380/400V electric motor
  • The standard protection class is IP67, protection class IP68 may be delivered upon request. However, we do not recommend to use electric actuators under medium!
  • The BESI type EST actuator may be delivered as an integral part of the BESI TMS>>BUS system with an installed ASI-bus module.
  • Painting and coating is in standard BES blue, but may be delivered at customers choise in any other color


230V AV, 400V AV
Model Rated Torque
EST050 50
EST0100 100
EST0160 160
EST0240 240
EST0350 350
EST0500 500
EST0800 800
EST1100 1100
EST1500 1500
EST2000 2000
EST3000 3000
ISO 9001 certified

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