Electro-Hydraulic Power Pack (Type EHPP)

BESI Marine Systems GmbH produces small-sized electro-hydraulic power packs (EHPP) specially for BESI-developed hydraulic ¼ turn HSTP actuators as well as HKV linear actuators. These power packs are usually fitted directly onto the actuator, thus providing a hydraulically independent unit connected to the control cabinet only by electric cabling. For submerged installation, the power pack is mounted just outside the tank - in a dry environment, and connected to the actuator by hydraulic pipes. The EHPP unit is applicable for both doubleacting and spring-return hydraulic ¼ turn actuators as well as spring-load closing linear actuators. Under certain conditions, the unit may be used to serve a small group of actuators via a solenoid valve box - thus piping over long distances can be avoided.

Position response

Valve position is determined by electric limit switches mounted on the actuator, providing position indication to the control panel and also stopping the pump operation.

Emergency Operation

For emergency operation, the EHPP unit is equipped with quick connector couplings for connection to a portable hand-pump.

For actuators installed inside tanks, a control block with couplings is fitted outside tanks nearby and connected to the actuator by hydraulic pipes.


  • mounting kit HSTP
  • mounting kit HKV
  • bracket for separate arrangement
  • limit switches
  • Ex-proof version
  • potentiometer

Technical data

Standard / on request
power rating: 0,15 kW; 1450 / 1750 U/min
voltage: 230 V / 400 V three phase alternating current
multifrequency: 50 / 60 Hz
operating pressure: 130 bar, max. 150 bar
hydraulic viscoity: 15 - 46 cSt./40° C
tank volume: 0,5 l
life span: 500.000 cycles at max. operating pressure
type of protection: IP 67 / IP 68
total weight: 7 kg
electric connection: spring acting 11 x 0,75mm², double acting 7 x 0,75mm²
working temperature: -15°C - +60°C max. 80°C
installation: position horizontal, vertical and all others. Final selection to be informed before assembly
ISO 9001 certified

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