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The history of BESI Marine Systems GmbH dates back to 1966 when H. D. Berg established Ing. Büro Helmuth D. Berg and became an agent for renowned companies such as LIEBHERR for ship cranes, BOLL + KIRCH for industrial filters, and KARBERG & HENNEMANN for fine filters. In addition, the company was already in the field of R&D for different requirements of the shipbuilding and machinery sector, and in the design and production of pumps and generators for ships, as well as industrial applications. Shortly after it was founded Mr. Klaus Siebert joined the company and the two men took on the challenging task of expansion. At that time, the production of the different products was done by various contractors, who ensured the tradition of high quality for which BESI products are recognised till today.

In 1969, the company was renamed "Berg + Siebert Ingenieurbüro". By then, its products had already achieved a reputation for high quality and a relocation to new premises at Buchenstraße 8a in Bremen/Germany was considered necessary to facilitate the company`s own, newly established production line.

Market demand for the company´s products grew quickly over the ensuing years, necessitating an increase in staff strength to eight permanent workers. The shipbuilding sector became the strongest market segment for Berg + Siebert Ingenieurbüro products and, only five years after the company´s previous relocation, a larger and more modern production facility was deemed necessary. This led to the third relocation, in 1975, to Knechtsand 4, Bremen/Germany.

Along with the increased output of generators, customers demanded even bigger diesel generators for marine application. The company´s staff strength had reached 25 by the time the first large diesel generator with an output of 312 kW was delivered to "AG Weser" shipyard.

As a second application for the marine sector, 1976 marked the beginning of the company´s development of regulation valve systems. The first customer received delivery at the end of that year. Since then, BESI has outfitted more then 1,500 shipsets of regulating valves to customers worldwide, including such renowned engine manufacturers as Wärtsilä. Based on the positive response from customers and the know-how gained from regulating valves, the next product line was developed for the maritime sector: remote-controlled valve systems.

The first complete regulating valve system was delivered in 1978. Since then, over 2,000 such systems have been delivered to customers worldwide . Today, the regulating valves and remote-controlled valve systems comprise the largest portion of the company´s products and form the basis for the FLOW MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS for which BESI is known today.

The demand for these systems has grown steadily, making another production facility necessary. Purchased and rebuilt in 1987, the new production facility has enabled the company to produce a large quantity of parts for the actuators by itself, initially utilising for CNC processing machines to ensure the timely supply and a constant high level of quality.

In line with the introduction of IT in the shipbuilding industry, BESI developed and delivered its first IT-controlled, remote-controlled valve system to the "MS Ilona", Reederei Klingenberg. To ensure product quality, the software was developed in-house and has since then been continuously upgraded.

In the ensuing years, the other parts of what is today known as the FLOW MANAGEMENT SYSTEM were developed. Another milestone was the development of automated tank level gauging systems for the maritime sector. The first of these systems was delivered to Mützelfeld shipyard in 1995.

Today, automated tank level gauging systems are an essential part of our wide range of products and can be supplied for all kinds of applications. A second development in this field is the PESS System, which uses pneumatic principles to gauge tank levels without contact of the membrane with the medium.



Establishment as Ing. Büro Helmuth D. Berg


Company re-named into Berg + Siebert Ingenieurbüro and production start of generator sets at own facilities at Buchenstr. 8a, Bremen


Move into bigger facilities at Knechtsand 4, Bremen


Delivery of first regulating valve system for marine application


Delivery of first regulating valve system with remote control


Start of development and production of remote controlled valve systems


Company re-named into Berg + Siebert Ingenieurbüro GmbH & Co. KG


Start of hydraulik and pneumatic actuator production at new facilities at Knechtsand 3, Bremen


Delivery of first computer controlled remote controlled valve system to a shipyard in China for shipowner A. Klingenberg and a newly developed tank level gauging system to Mützelfeld Werft in Germany


Founder Helmuth D. Berg leaves the company


Company re-named into BESI Armaturen GmbH & Co. KG


Delivery of first antiheeling system to Jingjiang shipyard in China


Delivery of first remote controlled valve system for an offshore platform in Iran


Take over of business by Messrs. Bernhard and Malte Konken


Company re-named into BESI Marine Systems GmbH & Co. KG


Move into bigger facilities at Vorweide 4, Bremen


Company re-named into BESI Marine Systems GmbH

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